Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Me and Ian decided to have a bit of a sort out at the weekend, and slowly start to do something with the endless drawers of pieces of paper, postcards, leaflets etc from our weekends away or just nice places we've visited. Thought I'd share a couple of pages with you....

Pages torn from the Magritte musuem in Belgium..

Butter lids and pages from a tourist info leaflet about the Observatory in Copenhagen...


  1. I love them! What a wonderful idea. x

  2. This is a lovely idea!! Are those polaroids? I love it!!! A x

  3. I love seeing peoples scrapbooks/journals.... your pages are lovely x

  4. These look great! I *really* need to do this too! I've got boxes of lovely photos and tickets ready to be sorted, this has inspired me to get going with it! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone :-) I have so many more to sort through! Will have to post some more pages.
    Avril - yep gotta love a polaroid!xxx