Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pattern Pins of the Week

My favourite patterned pins from pinterest - I've had this top one pinned for ages and love it, I like to think it's the pattern breaking free from the ceramics, would love to take my work in this type of direction one day.

I adore these gorgeous Ikea fabrics, I always love going in the Ikea textiles department, such good prices also am currently trying to choose some more for our home at the moment (the ones which we have at the moment were there when we moved in and have possibly been there for the last 50 years! and unfortunately not in a cool retro way)

And how uplifting is this beautiful Liberty fabric? So happy!  I'm not sure anything else needs to be said - hope everyone's having a lovely weekend :) xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bread and Jam

I have loved Bread and Jam dresses for what seems like ages, long before I had my baby girl and before any of my friends had had babies. But even so I was so taken by them I kept trying to think of reasons I could buy myself one just because they are quite simply so beautiful! I saw them at the country living fair a few years ago and remembered thinking how really there just weren't anyother dresses like them for little girls - I have to say I think generally the highstreet seems to be all too in love with the sugary princessy style look for girls (this is so not my mischievious Delilah!) Anyway, I was lucky enough to win tickets to go to the gala night for the Country Living Spring Fair this year, and I knew the one thing I would have to buy is one of these beautiful dresses. Just look at their gorgeous fabrics.......

I love the way that they're meant to be worn all the time, not saved for special occasions or a particular season - Delilah can run around in the summer being perfectly cool, and layer with a long sleeve top, chunky tights and a cardi in the winter months (or spring it would seem). I love them so much! This is the design I went for in the end, the Summer Hill Dress. The dress start at age 2, so I still have a bit of time before Delilah will fit in it properly, but until then I'll just admire it hanging in the wardrobe :)