Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sorry this is late but.........

A belated Merry Christmas!! With all this baby business I haven't managed to have much time to blog but I really hope that everyone has had a wonderful time in the last few days. We have had the loveliest first Christmas ever with our little Delilah...

She seemed to take all the festive activities in her stride and is currently taking a well deserved nap now it's over! xxx

LionHeart Magazine......it's here!!

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now - and the wait is finally over and I have my hands on a copy of the brilliant Lionheart Magazine, and it's just as wonderful as I had hoped! Much more like a beautiful book than a magazine the paper is gorgeously thick and sumptuous and the print is lovely, I'd completely fallen in love with it before even reading it! I absolutely love the cover by illustrator Gemma Millie, it really sets the tone of the issue, really delicate and beautiful.

I love Helen Martin's writing anyway (the editor), but it's even more special seeing it in a magazine - I'm so so proud to be included in it, thanks so much Helen!! It has lots of really interesting articles, gorgeous illustrations and just lots and lots of loveliness! It's really so inspiring I would thoroughly recommend buying it - http://www.lionheart-mag.com/

I designed 3 patterns for the magazine which feature in the inside cover and back of the magazine, I was so excited to design for it and even more excited to see my patterns printed in such a wonderful magazine! Here they are:

I also designed a pattern for the website, I'm really pleased with how it looks:

You can buy the Lionheart Magazine here: http://www.lionheart-mag.com/buy-lionheart