Tuesday, 27 December 2011

LionHeart Magazine......it's here!!

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now - and the wait is finally over and I have my hands on a copy of the brilliant Lionheart Magazine, and it's just as wonderful as I had hoped! Much more like a beautiful book than a magazine the paper is gorgeously thick and sumptuous and the print is lovely, I'd completely fallen in love with it before even reading it! I absolutely love the cover by illustrator Gemma Millie, it really sets the tone of the issue, really delicate and beautiful.

I love Helen Martin's writing anyway (the editor), but it's even more special seeing it in a magazine - I'm so so proud to be included in it, thanks so much Helen!! It has lots of really interesting articles, gorgeous illustrations and just lots and lots of loveliness! It's really so inspiring I would thoroughly recommend buying it - http://www.lionheart-mag.com/

I designed 3 patterns for the magazine which feature in the inside cover and back of the magazine, I was so excited to design for it and even more excited to see my patterns printed in such a wonderful magazine! Here they are:

I also designed a pattern for the website, I'm really pleased with how it looks:

You can buy the Lionheart Magazine here: http://www.lionheart-mag.com/buy-lionheart


  1. Congratulations me dear. Your patterns are stunning.

  2. Thanks Anna, hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  3. Wow Georgia !! missed this - Looks Amazing xx

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