Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bath In Fashion 2012

I was very please to be asked by the lovely writer Helen Martin to design a background pattern for the Bath In Fashion blog. The blog will feature interviews, reviews and all the latest news for the Bath In Fashion events, the incredible Manolo Blahnik and Stephen Jones (amazing!) are headlining the event, so it all sounds very exciting!

Here's the pattern I designed and a couple of other scales and colourways. My inspiration came from a vintage plate I happened to be eating some crumpets off of a couple of weeks back!

To see it on the blog please visit:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Addictive Creatives

My tile wall was featured today on the fantastic Addictive Creatives website!

'Addictive Creatives is a collaborative project from Blue Tube Design & Giant Training aimed at supporting the wide spectrum of creative industries across the UK & Ireland offering freelancers and big businesses a way of accessing news, find and recruit and showcase their work.'

My tile stickers are now available to order from Make Do & Mend! For more details please email:

Thursday, 20 October 2011

In the last week....

I finished this collage at Make Do & Mend a collaboration with Hannah we both chose some images we liked, and I then interspersed them with snippets of my patterns, and instruction pages from old sewing books, and stuck onto the silhouette of a sewing machine shape (many thanks to Joe for drawing it! Can't believe it was done freehand!!). Am really pleased with it - will upload some better pictures soon, to see it in the flesh please pop down to the shop!

I joined pinterest! Oh dear, hours of pinning on the internet, good job I'm on maternity leave!! Although I have to say it is so useful having all my bits of inspiration in one place, there are so many amazing images to find online already I've found using it really inspiring and valuble. To follow me click here.

Looked at my sister Alie's first blog post - it's lovely. To take a peek and follow her journey as an aspiring florist come pattern/retro/cat lover please visit here:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Flowery Alie

A patternified picture of Alie for her new flower inspired blog - will post a link and snapshot once she's started it. Doesn't she look cute?!x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Family Things

Some patterns I have created using elements from my mum's (Sharon Blackman) textile pictures - these will be on her soon to be launched website! Here we have retro flowers...

and tea and cake.

Also my sister Alie joined twitter this week - she's an aspiring florist and is currently launching a blog to run alongside her studies - she loves delphiniums, kittens and men with moustaches! I obviously made sure she had one of my patterns for her background - to see it properly and follow her click here.

Today I found this old picture of my Grandma, Grandpa and my mum when she was a baby, they look so happy - I can't wait for me and Ian and our baby to have photos taken like this, I just hope we can look half as glamourous after all that sleep deprevation!