Friday, 11 May 2012

Welcome to the World Party

I can't believe its been a whole 6 months since Delilah was born, what I did with my time before having her I don't know! Anyway we wanted to have a little celebration for for her arrival, we would have liked to have done it when she was younger but to be quite honest life was far too hectic - (it still is!) We decided to have a 'Welcome to the World Party' as although me and Ian are both christened, we felt that we wanted Delilah to make the choice when she was older. We had such a lovely time, was the perfect way to celebrate our little bundle of joy with  music, food and all the people who love her. 
Here's the invite Ian and I designed, the party was held at Make Do & Mend (our favourite family hangout!)

Obviously Delilah had to have a special dress (!) and a little floral display from her aunt (Alie Blackman - check out her blog here)

Ian made some sugar mice.........

My mum, me and Alie made lots of cakes..........

My mum's drawing of little D on her card....

We gave people little scrolls of paper tied with ribbon which had Delilah's footprint on as a thank you for coming.

As a thank you for presents we made mix tapes! (or erm CD's) with Delilah-esque songs, like Hey There Delilah, a few Disney songs and of course Tom Jones!