Sunday, 2 October 2011

Family Things

Some patterns I have created using elements from my mum's (Sharon Blackman) textile pictures - these will be on her soon to be launched website! Here we have retro flowers...

and tea and cake.

Also my sister Alie joined twitter this week - she's an aspiring florist and is currently launching a blog to run alongside her studies - she loves delphiniums, kittens and men with moustaches! I obviously made sure she had one of my patterns for her background - to see it properly and follow her click here.

Today I found this old picture of my Grandma, Grandpa and my mum when she was a baby, they look so happy - I can't wait for me and Ian and our baby to have photos taken like this, I just hope we can look half as glamourous after all that sleep deprevation!


  1. Love your patterns - so pleased that they are being used too .........
    love your family photos too- so Glam xxx thinking of you in the coming days xxx