Friday, 10 June 2011

Chick chick chickens!

Here's my chicken pattern for the Illustration Rally's pattern rally this week on pets (a chicken could be a pet right?!) Please click on the link to see some of the other entries, they're
all so lovely!


  1. How on earth do you do it? You must only sleep 1 hour a day! I LOVE the chickens! And, yes, you CAN consider a chicken a pet. I know I would. But then again, I love anything with fur or feathers. I'm such a sucker.
    Excellent pattern, Miss Georgia. I'm so impressed with your talent. Oh, and fyi, I will be hittin' up your shop since I just spied some of your gorgeous jewelry. You talented gal, you!

  2. love them! -- i agree a chicken could definitely be a cute little pet! x

  3. I'm glad I can get away with the chicken as a pet ladies!
    Alie - I know you would have a chicken as a pet - is there any animal that you wouldn't have as a pet?!x

    Thanks for your lovely comments Deirdre - I know what you mean about the fur or feathers! :-) hope you're well. xx