Thursday, 28 April 2011

In the run up the big day....

While I am by no means a royalist, and can completely understand how some people are a bit angry about the costs etc, But, I do like a celebration, - and I can't help but get swept up by the excitement! Yes, I will be watching (mainly to see the dress) and am all in all pretty happy that I get an extra day off with Ian to have a very lazy Friday with lots of food, drinks and merriment!

Anyway, wouldn't it be sooo much better if the union jack was patterned? I think so anyway. (Featuring spots and yesterdays folky flowers).


  1. Yay! I'm excited too! I love your take on the Union Jack. Very cool. I will be glued to my TV tomorrow to see 'that dress'. I guess by the weekend we will all be sick of the OTT media coverage though. LOL. Happy Wedding Day W&C! :0)

  2. This is so cute it would make some super bunting haha for the big day. I cant wait to see the dress i think its going to be quite simple and classic cant wait!!! enjoy your day off :) Axx

  3. I agree, will probably be really sick of the coverage by the end of the weekend -I agree I reckon she'll go for a classic style, oh so can't wait to see it! (Feel like a bit of a geek!)xx