Friday, 10 May 2013

Gorgeous Weekends

So I know the weather has kind of gone downhill since the weekend, but I thought I'd post about it to try and tempt the sun back a bit, as it was just a bit lovely wasn't it? Not sure I can remember a bank holiday like it! We spent lots of family time together outside, sometimes in the garden.

Look at these pretty frilly edged tulips which have just come up in our front garden, I probably should have left them there (I remember so clearly my mum telling me off for picking flowers as a child!) but I couldn't resist putting them in my beautiful pink vintage vase.

Delilah had fun on a tractor at Barleylands Farm,

...and marvelled at the Gruffalo sculptures at Thorndon Country Park.

I was particularly excited by finally being able to wear my new bright blue floral Keds!

Here's to another amazing weekend everyone, hope you all have a good one :) xxx