Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I really love Easter so much, possibly the chocolate helps (hehe) but I just adore the spring like colours - sadly just confined to Easter products this year, but really beautifully uplifting all the same. Hallmark contacted me with some really cute ideas on how to celebrate this time of year....with a few added snaps of our Easter family fun! See above our Easter garland I bought from Paperchase today, I love it, but was thinking it would be so easy to make one with some of my own designs....expect a DIY post soon! The design right at the top is an Easter card idea I created a couple of years ago.

How to Throw a Hopping Easter-Themed Party
Unfortunately, we won’t be having the sunny Easter that we hoped for here in the UK, but why should we let that spoil our fun? A colourful Easter party is a perfect way to lift our spirits by getting family and friends together, eating lots of tasty treats and playing some fun games too. All it takes is a little imagination!
The first part of planning a great Easter party is deciding on the décor, so think pretty pastels, gorgeous gingham patterns and lots of seasonal shapes like eggs, bunnies and chicks. Large sheets of tissue paper make cheap, disposable tablecloths, and you can also cut the paper into strips and arrange them in bowls to create ‘baskets’ for chocolate eggs. If you’re feeling especially artistic, cut out circles of tissue paper and form them into flower shapes for eye-catching table decorations that don’t need water!
You can also use stiff cardboard to make templates of your favourite Easter shapes, then draw around them on colourful paper, and get your little ones to decorate the shapes with paint and glitter. Once they’re dry, cut out the shapes and thread them with ribbon to make some hanging decorations, or even staple them to long pieces of ribbon to create some unique Easter bunting.

Eggs-tra Tasty Treats
Next, you need the treats, and it wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate cereal buns decorated with miniature chocolate eggs. They’re so simple to make as grown-ups can take care of melting the chocolate, and kids can stir in the cereal and be in charge of decorating, making them almost as fun to make as they are to eat!

The snow doesn’t have to put a stop to the obligatory Easter egg hunt as you can hide the eggs around the house, or for an outdoor egg hunt simply conceal sweets such as jelly beans inside plastic eggs to keep them safe from the weather. Once all the eggs have been found, gather everyone together for a game of ‘Pin the Tail On the Easter Bunny’, or even set up a craft station so that everyone can make a pair of paper bunny ears, or decorate their very own hard-boiled eggs.
Don’t forget to give all of your guests a little something to take home with them as a reminder of your fun Easter party too, and if you’d really like your party bags to stand out, check out the great range of personalised gifts from Hallmark. Included in the range are delicious milk chocolate bars with wrappers that can be personalised with your special Easter message, and will be almost too lovely to eat!

Here are our shredded wheat easter cakes, we seem to have made hundreds so may of our friends and family will be receiving them wrapped with cellophane and tied with yellow ribbon. Hope you all have a lovely Easter xxx


  1. Go Georgia! Don't let the chilly weather put a spanner in the Easter works! We'll be doing our egg hunt come snow or shine ;)

  2. Yay! glad to hear it! Hope to see some pics of it on your blog xx

  3. Lovely ideas Georgia - Happy Easter to you All x Love the little cakes xxx