Monday, 18 March 2013

A Wedding at St.Pauls.....

I'm afraid my photography skills leave alot to be desired  - they've got so much worse since having Delilah, I find I generally don't have time to take any, and when I do they're always really rushed as I'm either trying to take one before she moves/wakes up/cries! But anyway I feel I had to share with you a couple of snaps of a wedding I went to at St.Paul's Cathedral, yes the very one! We were excited to say the least, we managed to survive a train journey (with no emergenecy alarms being pulled - yes this has happened, I have a very mischievious little girl!) and still looked halfway decent by the time we got there - save the obligatory rice cake crumbs and some very sticky hands....

 Delilah and I both wore red shoes, it was a good day :)

One thing I didn't expect was how relaxed and also intimate it felt at such a huge grand place, it was so cosy and beautiful, the bride looked stunning but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to snap her walking down the aisle.

Photos being taken on the steps of the Cathedral.

The reception was afternoon tea at Stratford old town hall, the building was amazing, I had to capture the gorgeous pattern on the ceiling.

Delilah oh so elegantly eating her afternoon tea.

A wonderful day was had by all, huge congratulations to Grace and Alastair!xxx


  1. What an Amazing Day / experience - love all the photos xx

  2. I had a pair just like that when I was little and I think they started a life-long love of red shoes!

    What a lovely looking day!

  3. Wow, a wedding in St Paul's sounds amazing! Love the red shoes (both big and little!) and that beautiful ceiling. Looks like a wonderful day!

  4. Thanks ladies, it was such a lovely day :) xxx