Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hidden Treasures

We've just bought a house (will blog lots more about this very soon!) and are in the very long process of making it ours. Anyway, as I was stripping the wallpaper this weekend look at the gorgeousness I found hidden under the nasty floral magnolia pearly wallpaper - I love it so much! If only there was a way to salvage it, but unfortunately there are only a few patches of it left *sigh* makes me realise how right this house is for us, if I could buy this wallpaper now I would paste it everywhere!x


  1. It's amazing, such greens!!! Would be ace as fabric too (curtains, bedlinen). I like the idea that deep down the house reflects your style do well

  2. I know, I would LOVE it in fabric too - the plumber unearthed a big amount from underneath a radiator today, unfortunately he pulled it all off! I think he thought he was being helpful :( was such a shame!x

  3. Welcome to your New Home Georgia x- and agree with KatGotTheCream about that deep down house reflection thing going on xx