Monday, 24 September 2012

Adam's Tile Wall

Check out Adam the printer (who prints my tile stickers) bathroom! You can order your own tile stickers for from over 120  of my designs through Make Do and Mend Chelmsford.


  1. I keep meaning to order some tile stickers from you, and this has just reminded me - what a treat! Hope you and bubba are well xxx

  2. Thanks guys :) xxx

    We're good thanks Beka, hope you are too xxx

  3. Are these stickers that you put over existing tiles? *does excited dance* We rent and I HATE our tiles! That wall is ace, I'd sell the husband to have your tiles in my bathroom!

    1. Hi Vicky - yes! You stick them over existing tiles - we've just moved and the tiles are pretty manky also so am going to sticker them!xx