Saturday, 14 May 2011

Exhibition At Exchange Studios

During the week I work part time alongside my designing, teaching adults with learning disabilities, mainly Sensory Art classes, but also a Creative Textile class which I love. This last week I got together all my learners work and exhibited it at Exchange Studios in Harold Hill. I can't tell you how lovely it was to see all the people I teach having their work on display in a professional gallery, it looked amazing! The artists at the gallery also ran workshops for us all week, which everyone enjoyed, I know I did!
All the artists with their work on display were extremely proud of their work on display, and I can't thank everyone at X Presents.... at Exchange Studios for all the hard work they did in displaying and organising it. Here are some photos of the exhibition:

Circular canvases experimenting with printing, mark making and layering techniques.

Glass painting on acteate, and applique textiles pictures of tea and cake by the Creative Textiles class.
Fabric wall hangings using fabric paint and pens.

And union flags created by all my classes including the sensory and creative art classes at New Opportunities Havering.
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