Sunday, 8 May 2011

Abby Wright

I've been following Abby Wright's blog for while now, I really love her fashion illustrations they're kind of really simple, and yet really detailed and beautiful all at the same time. I love how on her blog she shows you sneak peeks at what she's up to, and exactly how she creates her illustrations - although it's pretty mind boggling - how she has the patience with a wacom for all those lovely flowing lines and detail I will never know!

Anyway, so I was thrilled to win her blog giveaway the other week - and what a lovely prize I received! This gorgeous print of one of my favourite illustrations....

These really lovely postcards.....

And some yummy pic n' mix, which unfortunately I couldn't wait to eat and didn't manage to get a photograph in time! Thanks so much for all this Abby!

To see more of Abby's work please visit: and to follow her blog please see:

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  1. Wow, that is lovely work. I would be chuffed too if I owned them! :0)