Friday, 11 February 2011

X Presents....Exchange Studios Art Gallery and Artist Studios Private View

Last night I went to the private view of X Presents Exchange Art Space in Harold Hill. I can't tell you how lovely it was to be going to something like this in Harold Hill, as generally there doesn't really seem to much creative going on there. The Space has just opened in a disused shop on Petersfield Avenue and showcases a range of young artists and local artists and groups.
I exhibited a range of my pattern designs along with the work the Sensory Art Class which is part of the New Opportunities Group Havering. I teach this group which is for adults with learning disabilities, and was so proud to see their work being professionally exhibited. These are their pots on display:

There were lots of great artists there - some were inviting people to draw using long sticks, it was really fun!


  1. Love the pots !!! and love the Sticks - and what a Wonderful Job you have !! x

  2. That is fantastic! That is a great effect drawing with the sticks ... and I love the pots too! Well done. x

  3. This was awesome and so cool to hear who you teach :) My son has Autism and gets lots of pleasure from doing things like this too :) Sounds like you have a great evening! xxx

  4. What a lovely place to be. So inspiring. Well done to your group of students who exhibited their well made coil pots. Love the bright colours!! For the last 25 years i have looked after young people with disabilities and know just how it feels when they achieve just that one small thing. xx