Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nearly the big V day

It's nearly here - Valentine's Day, am never really sure how I feel about it, without getting all sappy I love to indulge in a bit of romance/affection everyday of the the year, rather than just on the one day. But I do love the sentiment even if it is really commercialized. Here's my 'he loves me' pattern.


  1. i love them also - so pretty & delicate x

  2. What lovely prints!!!! made especially for valentine day. Its amazing how red stands out in a crowd. xx

  3. Lovely pattern! My birthday is on Valentines so I love to celebrate it :D
    I wanted to say a big thank you for the most wonderful parcel I got in the post today. I am so pleased with everything and there was so much in there.... I will be sending you a thank you very soon! x

  4. Thank you :-)
    Glad you liked the parcel Rebecca - lucky you having a birthday on Valentine's Day!x