Monday, 5 August 2013


So, I'm now on maternity leave and due to have our second baby tomorrow (hopefully!) so things will probably go a bit quiet on here for a while. Here's a little peek at Delilah and I testing out the birthing pool! Anyway, thought I take the opportunity to tell you about the 2 other blogs I do with other people, so they'll still be going if you wanted to have a gander.....

Flowers in the Window is a blog I run with my sister Alie to document all our floral finds - we've always loved all things flowery so this is just a place where we can share the these things which make us smile.

The 4am Club, I'm sure the title of this blog will become all too relevent to me in the next few weeks! This is a blog I do with my friend Kelly (who's an amazing writer) to celebrate and share tips/advice for all things baby/toddlers/mama related. Kelly also has an amazing eye for styling also to look out for her fashion/party/hosting posts.

I also wanted to share this lovely picture a customer sent me of the tile stickers she bought from me, she's an art teacher and they're stuck her classroom which I was beyond happy about!

Also, apparently very soon google reader will be gone, so if you like following my blog please use another form of contact (I've signed up to bloglovin' but will be trying a few different things out until I find what's best). Please let me know your links also, as I'm pretty scared that soon I'll loose my reading list.

I hope to come back with a fresh new design and layout for this blog which I've been meaning to do for at least a year, perhaps throwing another baby into the mix may make it a little optimistic that that'll happen anytime soon, but hopefully it will, as I love this little part of cyberspace :)

Anyway, take care and hope to be back soon!xx


  1. Wow, it seems like only so recently that you were having Delilah! Good luck with everything :)

  2. Best of luck Georgia. Hope it all goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the new arrival. x