Saturday, 27 July 2013

Adventures with Queenie Dot Part 1

I'm so excited to share with you a little project I'm doing with paper cutting extraordinaire QueenieDot! QueenieDot also known as Jo is a lovely friend and local artist and tutor who I met at a knit & Natter at Make Do & Mend. She's a fellow veggie, Bluetones lover, stationary fiend, bookworm and lover of cake! (Needless to say we get on very well!) Here's some of her gorgeous work, I absolutely love this personalised wedding paper cut.

The lady herself.

We didn't really plan much of our collaboration, just that it would be lovely to do something together - I love the bright colours behind Jo's work and thought it might be nice to have a very small scale pattern behind them also. So it being so gorgeous and summery at the moment we thought we'd choose a floral theme and just see what happened. Which is what I love about this the most - we met up a few weeks ago to show each other what we'd done and didn't have a clue of what to expect, was kind of exciting! Anyway, what I love about Jo's work is the crisp, delicate and yet structured lines, and so with my pattern I wanted to do something a bit different to that. So I first got out my watercolours and did some swishy swashy florals....although I just couldn't get these to work on their own, so I then layered tracing paper on top and drew more detail. It was really lovely to work in a slightly different way.

I'm going to save showing you all my final patterns until my next post, but here's a sneak peek of Jo's wonderful paper cut. I'll post a picture of the final pieces together very soon.

Also take a look at Jo's fantastic blog and shop here:, you'll be glad you did! xxx

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