Thursday, 18 October 2012

Inspiring India - The Exhibition, Cox & Kings Bloggers Challenge

So last week was the Cox & Kings 'Inspiring India' exhibition held at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Unfortunately I wasn't able to actually attend the event myself, but I really enjoyed seeing the pictures on twitter on the night itself and reading the other bloggers blogposts about it. 

For my final piece I presented 9 patterns I'd designed inspired by India on a tile board. I almost always see things as a series and so tiling my designs seemed the perfect way to show them. Alas, I didn't win, but was thrilled to have been asked to take part and exhibit in such a lovely location. The standard of work was so high - here's a few pictures of the exhibition that Andrea Farmer kindly sent to me (thanks Andrea!) I've also linked to some of the other bloggers - they're fantastic check them out!

Melody Seal, Andrea Farmer and Kellie Black's beautiful pieces.

The winner - Chetan, I love this piece! Such gorgeous colours and illustrative style.

Here's a closer look at my 'Inspiring India' design collection.


  1. Very lovely & LOVE that last green pattern! x

  2. Your boards are ace - as usual you've left me wringing my hands and thinking, 'but WHY doesn't she do wallpaper?!' Lovely work as always x