Thursday, 1 September 2011

Arts Trail Workshops At Make Do And Mend

Morning! Happy 1st September, I think I may be in the minority, but I for one am thrilled that we are now coming into the Autumn months! Just think of all the lovely cosy evenings in and crunchy walks.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know about some workshops I will be doing at Make Do & Mend as part of the Chelmsford Arts Trail. The workshops are all free and in the case of the tile decorating workshop you can drop in at any time during the day to do them - really looking forward to them! Here's all the info on the website:

Tile Decorating - Tuesday 13th September 11 - 5pm
To celebrate Georgia's tile designs as part of the Chelmsford Arts Trail come and decorate your very own tile to adorn your home! Be inspired by the fabric, papers and textures all on display in the shop and get making! We will use permanent pens, ceramic paints and stencils to adorn and embellish your unique tile - all tiles will be photographed and digitally made into a large pattern exhibition on the Arts Trail website.

Vintage Paper Dolls - Tuesday 13th September 6 - 8pm
Ever spend a few hours dressing paper dolls with little paper dresses and accessories as a child?(remember the little tabs you had to cut out and bend round?) Well come and do some more! Using Georgia Coote's designs patterned papers will be used to dress and design little clothes to go onto vintage ladies to be exhibited as part of the Chelmsford Arts Trail.

Paper Patchwork - Thursday 15th September 11 - 5pm
Come and create some simple pattern and print making with paper to make a paper patchwork. Be inspired by actual patchwork and surface pattern designs to create your very own piece of art!

To book please visit: or go into the shop!


  1. Sounds Great - might see if I can come to one xxx

  2. Oh yes Cherry you should! Would be lovely to see you xxx

  3. Oh, Miss Georgia! How awesome is that! Argh...why can't I live in the UK? ;) I'm horribly jealous, because it sounds like sooooo much fun! You have to promise to post pictures, okay?

  4. Excellent! I must get along to some of these. :)

  5. Deirdre - yep promise :) shame you don't live in the UK!!

    Andrea: would be fantastic to see you there too :)


  6. The workshops look inviting. I will have a word with Cherry to see if she is doing one of them ..... Hope you are keeping well.....xx

  7. Thanks Linda - would love to meet you!xx