Wednesday, 10 August 2011


My twitter feeds for the last couple of evenings have been just so heartbreaking, and scary really, am sending out lots of love to anyone affected by the riots. Last night I saw this poster designed by one of my favourite illustrators Emmeline Pidgen (click on her name to visit her website), I really like the positivity in it.

I also found out about Zoe Grant's idea on our some of us designer/makers can do something to help - she's organising a raffle/auction to raise money for people affected by the riots in some way (either loosing their homes or livelihoods, or anything really) by getting lots of artists/designers/makers to donate work. Please visit her blog if you're interested in donating:


  1. it has been really scary & heartbreaking to watch. I do love this idea & showing community spirit so that it feels like the criminals won't win. x

  2. Me too, at least there is something happy to come out of it. Hope you're safe and well. xx