Friday, 22 October 2010

Timmy Mallet's Shirt

Hi everyone - here's one pattern I was working on yesterday. I was thinking it was slightly retro and could be used for things like nice linnings, maybe stationary etc. I quite like the black with the slightly paler colours that I've been using lately. However I was a little distressed to hear when my husband saw the print that it 'looked like something Timmy Mallet would wear'! There I was thinking it was all sophisticated but fun! ( I guess I still have the fun part)


  1. Ha, ha! Mallet's Mallet! My sister and I loved Wacaday when we were kids. LOL. The patterns are lovely. The elements in the top pattern would make nice individual brooches. :)

  2. Me too! Thanks - that's a great idea, I may have to do some experimenting!.....

  3. hee hee! he has the same birthday as moi! I'm sorry but there's no timmy mallet in it though, i love the tiny ones